Emblemathon – A Fire Emblem Three Houses Readathon – 13th to 26th July

Emblemathon is the Fire Emblem Three Houses inspired readathon that I’m running this July.

I’ve been wanting to arrange some sort of bookish event for a while but I wasn’t sure how well it would work. In a chat with booktubers Jade and G, I found the courage to actually get my arse into gear and do it. An event that’ll highlight the things I love and I’ll have fun with even if it just ends up being me and a few friends.

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Book Review: Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert

As a general rule these days, I try to read more queer books these day written by Own Voices authors. I don’t solely read them though and this book looked like the perfect rom-com for me and it was New Adult which is an age-range I’ve not read much of. So when I saw it on NetGalley, I decided I wanted to give it a read.

Conventionally Yours focuses on Conrad and Alden, two young men who play the fictional card game Odyssey. They appear on a vlog called Gamer Grandpa with their play group and their connections to it nets them tickets to a massive con and competition in Vegas. A competition that could win them a lot of fame and money. Something both of them need. Only their journey there is going to be a road trip they won’t forget and, unsurprisingly, they fall in love.

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Book Review: The Extraordinaries by T.J. Klune

I love superhero books, I might not pick up too many of them but there’s something so fun about seeing something you would expect to see in a comic or a movie. I’m also a sucker for books about fandom so when I discovered The Extraordinaries on NetGalley, I had to request it straight away. And screencap the summary and share it with my friends as nerdy hero fanboy reminded me of Deku and we all love My Hero Academia, okay?

So The Extraordinaries follows Nick, a teenage boy with ADHD who obsesses over a local superhero called Shadowstar. Obsesses over him so much that he writes real person fanfiction about him where he’s in love with his self-insert. But things are happening and Nick decides to try to become a hero, not only to meet his idol but also to protect his family and friends. As he winds up mixed up with these heroes everything gets super complicated.

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Book Review: Camp by L.C Rosen

I’ve moved on from a bunch of chick-lit arcs to a load of queer ones and Camp was a nice book to start with. I received it as a free e-book from NetGalley so in return I’ll be posting an honest review.

It focuses on Randy, a high-femme teenage boy who is totally in love with a boy at camp called Hudson. The only problem is that Hudson only dates masc boys and for Randy to get his chance, he’ll have to change completely in the hope Hudson will fall for all of him. This is a pretty typical rom-com in some aspects and obviously, it doesn’t go the way he expected and there’s lot of problems.

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Book Review: Swipe Right by Stephie Chapman

Look at me, I’m on a roll! I’ve gotten through another chick-lit ARC but this time I sadly wasn’t hugely into it. Swipe Right focuses on Fran, a twenty-something woman who during an interview meets a very attractive and infuriating guy called Ollie with whom sparks fly that get’s them both the job. They’re both in relationships but still they can’t help falling in love and their time never seems to be right.

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Attack of the UK Book Box

I recently wrote a post on building your own book box but there are plenty out there to choose from. I’d love to get some of the U.S ones but looking at the cost of shipping makes me cry so I’ve been working through the UK ones.

I’ve tried what I’d consider the main 4 boxes for UK YA book boxes – the ones that often if not always feature fantasy books – and I thought I’d share the good things about them and which I think is most worth the money.

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Book Review: Everything is Fine by Gillian Harvey

What’s this? Another ARC review for a chick-lit book from NetGalley? It’s almost like I’m actually reading these nice and cosy books. And it’s true, I am and I’m happy to be here with another review!

Everything is Fine is a chick-lit novel that focuses on Jessica, a woman in her 30’s with her own PR company, a fitness blog and a 12 year old daughter called Anna. But like many of us, Jessica’s blog and social media doesn’t really show the real her and now with her boyfriend just having left her and her work starting to make things more difficult, her lies are starting to catch up with her.

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