Book Review: Charmcaster by Sebastien De Castell

Man, oh man, was this a book I was looking forward to so I was stoked when I was able to get an early copy of this through ReadersFirst.


Charmcaster is the third book in the Spellslinger series and as good as you expect it to be? It’s actually even better than that. This time it focuses on what happens when Kellen, Reichis, and Ferius stumble into an old friend before heading into a city of invention to find a mechanical bird and destroy an obsidian worm.

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The Magic of Roleplaying

So anyone who has spoken with me for more than five minutes about what I spend my time doing would know that I’m a roleplayer. And no, I don’t mean that in the LARP way or the…more adult way ahem. I mean I like writing as a character online whilst creating stories with my friends.

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Book Review: The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy


Okay, I’m gonna try using GIFs in this review so let’s see how it goes.

Oh dear. I was so excited for this book and I’ve just been so let down. I received this book through Kate Tilton’s Author Services through Instagram and this was an immediate request. And I do feel lucky to have been granted a copy but I just didn’t enjoy this book.

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Book Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

I heard about Runebinder last year before it’s official release and it’s been a book that I’ve been dying to read since. So when I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review? I was super happy.

Runebinder is a book that feels like a mix between This Savage Song and The Immortal Rules. It was an interesting and very dark read but at moments it could seem a little slow. It focuses on Tenn, a boy whose water magic seems to be starting to control him, just as the Kin – human monsters who want to use him to help them win.

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The Dreaded TBR: How Do You Deal With It?


Even though we all love reading, there’s something about putting together the books we need to read that strike fear in all our hearts. Doesn’t matter how you decide to read them; pick them at random, titles from a jar or a book pile; you still wind up with far too many books to read.

Or do you?

Book buying bans aren’t the only way to catch up with your reading.

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Book Review: Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

Man, oh, man. Ash Princess is a magnificent fantasy debut by Laura Sebastian and i completely devoured it. Before I started reading it I checked the reviews and most either commented on how violent it is or described it as a dull mix of many other books. So I was surprised by how much I adored this book. However, it definitely contains a lot of violence, racism and features slavery so please be aware. But if that’s something you think you can handle then definitely pick this book up. I was granted a feel copy through NetGalley in return for an honest review but the book is due for release on the 14th June in the UK.

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Screaming, Crying and the Odd Burst of Inspiration: On Writing my Novel

Why is it that the moment you need to write about something you did, your brain just dies? I don’t know what number draft this is for this entry but it’s not a low number.

Which probably says a lot when you consider I’m talking about my writing…

I swear I’m better with the creative stuff!!!

The main problem for me is: what is there to say?

I could go on about my process, or my world or my characters. I could tell you how long it took me – longer than it should have due to long breaks – or what inspired it.

But you’re not interested in that and it won’t help anyone. It’ll just be an exercise in talking about myself. Which I’m not great at anyway.

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