Book Tour: The Wish List by Sophia Money-Coutts

Wow, I’m on a roll with participation right now!

This review is being posted as part of the Blogger Day for Harper Collins and through them I was lucky enough to recieve an e-book copy of The Wish List to review.

The premise of this book is fairly simple: Florence hasn’t had much luck in her love life so when her step-mum sets her up an appointment with a love coach she goes just to please her. Only this love coach had the idea that if Florence writes a list of what she wants in a guy – this guy will then appear in her life. And low and behold she meets Rory in the book shop where she works. But is he really all she wants or is this only the start of her romantic journey.

I’m going to start by saying that I’m not quite sure what to categorise this book as. Is it chick-lit or a romance novel or a bit both? My end thoughts are it’s a bit of both as it’s essentially a chick-lit novel with smut in it. Not entirely my cup of tea but because of the chick-lit elements you do get a look into her family relationships, work and friendships as well as her romantic life which I loved. This book had so many loveable characters and I loved getting the glimpses into their lives and that the dickheads got their just desserts in the end.

However, it was a little slow to start with. The first two chapters feel simultaneously too slow and also like nothing happens. And it’s only the first 10% of the book. So I wasn’t sure what I was getting in for. I’m glad I did stick it out as the book does get better after that and Florence does have some seriously random adventures. But it wasn’t necessarily a favourite for me.

I also want to add that this book should include a warning for pet death. If this isn’t the type of thing to upset you then fine. But there is a scene where a pet has to be put down and I personally wish that I could have been warned. It was easy to skip over without missing anything but it did cause a little upset so I wanted to warn others.

Overall though? This was an enjoyable chick-lit/romance novel that is exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re looking for something fun and a little quirky then this novel could definitely be the next book for you.

3 Stars


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Book Review: All The Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace

This is a book you might have heard of as an OwlCrate book before and a much earlier US release. But it was a book I was so excited to read so the moment I saw it was available on NetGalley…

I obviously requested it and I was so lucky to get it.

The book follows Amora, a princess who after a poor display of her soul magic during a ceremony, decided she needed to travel with a pirate to do something to prove that she still deserves to be Queen. This is a book with a smallish cast that grows with the book but there’s princesses, pirates, rebels and mermaids. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

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Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #1

So I decided to attempt a TBR game on booktube and I wanted one that would allow me to get my creative juices flowing. So I decided to give a choose your own adventure game a try.

If you want to play along and use this to create your August TBR – or at least some of it – then please do and let me know what you get and if you enjoy it!

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Review: The First Sister by Linden A. Lewis

So being non-binary is something I’ve spoken a little about on my blog and it’s something I’m becoming more open about. So when I saw a giveaway for an adult sci-fi book I hadn’t heard of before that sounded good and was only open to non-binary bloggers? I decided to put my name in.

And I was lucky enough to get a copy!

The First Sister follows the stories of three characters: Lito, an Icarii soldier who is being sent to kill his former partner, The First Sister, a Gean woman who serves as a comfort in all forms to the soldiers and Hiro, the former partner of Lito who pops in recordings that have been left for various people. This book is their adventures as they all work towards a clash on the moon of Ceres as the war between Icarii and Gean goes on.

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Review: The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer

Wow, this was my first readalong and I am super excited that I got to take part in this!

The Fowl Twins is a brand new book by Eoin Colfer set in his Artemis Fowl world. This time focusing on Artemis’ younger brothers: Myles and Beckett as they stumbled upon faries, nuns and have a wild adventure from Ireland to Amsterdam.

This readalong was held by Tandem Collective on Instagram and I’ve posted my thoughts on the read as a highlight on my account there. So you can have a peek here if you like!

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Book Review: One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

I seem to be reading and reviewing a fair bit of chick-lit recently but not often picking it up otherwise.


But, yes, I am back with another chick-lit review and this time it’s One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London. This book is being published by Two Roads press and is going to be out on July 7th!

It focuses on Bea Shumacher, a plus-size fashion blogger and social media influencer. As someone who loves fashion, she’s well aware of what people, especially men, think about larger women. So when drunk one night, she winds up posting a long rant on Twitter about the diversity of dating show the Main Squeeze that causes a lot of viewers to stop watching. To bring them back, Bea is asked to appear on the show herself and though she’s getting over former love Ray and isn’t planning on looking for love, she agrees in the hope of improving her career.

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Running a Readathon #1

Since I’m running this event for the first time I thought why not write a few posts tracking it? I’m writing this one now, I’ll post something closer to the time as we’re coming up to last minute prep – including my own TBR – as well as posts during the event and after.

This isn’t the first online event I’ve run. It’s not even the first one this year – I’m running a themed week in a fandom I’m a member of that’s happening this week- but it is the first time I’ve done something bookish.

And I’m super excited.

This idea actually started when I saw there was an Animal Crossing readathon and I told my bestie who enjoys the games and reading. Her response was wondering if there were any Fire Emblem ones as we were both playing Three Houses at the time. The answer was no and we started randomly discussing prompts.

I thought over the idea and wasn’t sure I could do it.

After participating in a chat with Jade and G from UK Booktube I asked about running readathons as I know they both have. And they both said just make it something you want to do and go for it. So I have. Though I did have to ask Jade to retweet my posts so the information was a little better spread XD.

I made the graphics myself. They’re fairly simple but because of that I was able to make them from scratch. Got the posts on social media and now I’m just…trying to spread the word.

I’m so excited for this guys and I hope you are too!

Book Review: Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

New favourite book alert!

I was lucky enough to have my wish granted to read this book on NetGalley and though I wasn’t hugely excited to read this book eventually…it was so damn good!

This book is being toted as a romance novel but in reality it reads more like lad lit. For those who don’t know, lad lit is a sub genre of chick-lit. Just like chick-lit, these books focus on the relationships, friendships and work life but with a comedic tone. Even when they get emotional. But where chick-lit is about women, lad lit is about men.

Boyfriend Material is essentially queer lad lit. It focuses on Luc, the son of two musicians from the 80’s who after he gets papped, needs to find a guy to date who will improve his reputation for the sake of his work. Enter Oliver, a vegetarian barrister who Luc would rather not date but, somehow, they agree to fake date and wind up falling in love.

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Emblemathon – A Fire Emblem Three Houses Readathon – 13th to 26th July

Emblemathon is the Fire Emblem Three Houses inspired readathon that I’m running this July.

I’ve been wanting to arrange some sort of bookish event for a while but I wasn’t sure how well it would work. In a chat with booktubers Jade and G, I found the courage to actually get my arse into gear and do it. An event that’ll highlight the things I love and I’ll have fun with even if it just ends up being me and a few friends.

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